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California eCrime Defense Lawyers for the LGBT Community

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About Cyber Crimes

eCrime is often referred to as “Internet fraud” or “cybercrime.” eCrime usually requires defrauding another person for personal or financial gain with the intention of causing that person harm through the use of technology. eCrime is a serious offense in California that entails many harsh consequences. Click here to contact Pride Legal’s Network of LGBT-friendly eCrime Defense Lawyers today!

eCrime does not have to do with a particular crime, but rather the way the fraud or crime is committed. Although uncommon regarding other crimes, one who commits deception over the Internet will face consequences from both the state and federal governments. eCrimes are not only directed towards California’s residents, but also across state lines.

Several examples of common eCrimes include:

  • Identity and/or data theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Scams that require some kind of investment or payment with no return or benefit

Some other crimes that are carried out through the Internet, which are not indicted as a different crime include:

  • Purchasing, selling, or trading child pornography
  • Criminal threats via the Internet
  • Internet harassment or stalking

Looking for an Experienced Cyber Crime Defense Lawyer?

If you have committed eCrime or are a victim of eCrime, contact Pride Legal immediately. The attorneys in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California will be able to use their knowledge and many years of experience to assist you in fighting for your rights. The faster you call, the faster we will be able to analyze your case and aid you in the appropriate approach regarding your specific legal matter.

If you are looking for a lawyer for any eCrime or Cyber Crime case, look no further! Contact a California Gay and Lesbian eCrime Defense Attorney at Pride Legal today.

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