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California Violent Crimes Defense Attorneys for the LGBT Community

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Have You Recently Been Charged or Arrested for a Violent Crime?

Violent crime lawyers are aware of how serious a violent crime situation this can be for you, and your future. You need a dedicated legal team that prides themselves in inspecting every last detail and aspect of a violent crime case to make sure they have all the information and evidence they need to provide you with the best possible defense.

Southern California prosecutors will aggressively seek a conviction against a defendant who is facing violent crime charges of murder, assault, manslaughter, aggravated assault, rape, child abuse, kidnapping, manslaughter, hate crimes or similar offenses. Many violent crimes turn out to be felony offenses, punishable by imprisonment in state prison and substantial fines. Federal agencies can also become involved if the crime includes crossing state lines or other possible factors.

Pride Legal will assist you in finding a competent attorney who will investigate the facts of the case in order to provide you with a strong defense. We have a professional network of independent LGBT violent crime lawyers who are experienced and want to obtain the best results for their clients. We offer professional legal services to the community at large; however we pride ourselves on catering to the special needs of the gay community.

Network of Experienced California Violent Crime Lawyers for the Gay Community

Pride Legal’s network of competent defense attorneys are located in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. They have a complete understanding of federal court procedure and have represented clients who are facing all types of violent crime charges. Combined with their effective legal strategies and dedication to their clients’ legal rights, their knowledge of federal law will serve to build a strong foundation for the best possible outcome.

Been arrested for a violent crime? Contact a California LGBT Violent Crimes Defense Attorney as soon as possible.

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