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Frequently Asked Questions About Pride Legal

At Pride Legal, we are dedicated to helping you find an attorney who is the best fit for your legal concerns.

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Pride Legal FAQ

What is Pride Legal, Inc?

Pride Legal is a network of independent lawyers and law firms throughout California cooperatively reaching out to our local communities. Pride Legal matches people in need of legal help with lawyers experienced in their individual type of case. Our site is created with the purpose of directing potential clients to licensed, insured attorneys experienced in the area of law related to a clients’ particular legal issue or problem. We also provide sharp, accurate representation to the special needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intergender communities as well as the community at large. Our network provides the Southern California areas of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties with a legal network of independent attorneys.

How does Pride Legal work?

Our network has a long list of lawyers that have affiliated themselves with our organization who have experience in different areas of the law. This enables you to be able to quickly locate an attorney you need in an area of the law you are seeking counsel for. All of the attorneys working with Pride Legal have high standards and demonstrated that they have the requisite experience and knowledge to become attorneys within our group.

Are attorneys insured?

For the best interests of our public, any attorney listed in our group must carry malpractice insurance.

Can I just ask a question or do I have to retain an attorney right away?

When anyone coming to our site looks for an attorney, there are various options you can choose from. We have areas of the site where you can search for comments or articles about a certain subject. To find the correct lawyer for your particular legal issue, contact Pride Legal and we will put you in touch with the office of a qualified, experienced, pre-screened attorney.

Our sister company, Her Lawyer, offers legal services to women in California.

Finding the Right Attorney in Southern California

Don’t waste time endlessly calling or searching the internet for an attorney who can handle your particular legal issue. By using our legal network, you can find the type of lawyer you are looking for with a few quick clicks. For any further questions, contact us at any time.

For answers to your attorney needs, contact Pride Legal today or call us at (888) 789-PRIDE or (888) 789-7743!

Pride Legal: Law at Your Command

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