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LGBT Divorce Attorney

Filing for Divorce in the LGBT Community

If you are having spousal problems and it appears that your marriage might be coming to an end, it can become a very difficult and traumatic time. There are many aspects to the legal dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership that must be addressed and fully resolved in order to be able to move on with your life. Separation of property, child support, visitation, child custody, spousal support and alimony are all key factors in negotiating a divorce.

Divorce is legally defined as a judge’s order that effectively “restore[s] the parties to the state of unmarried persons.”

If you and your spouse agree on the main points of the divorce, it can be quickly settled and filed in court. However, if you both are unable to discuss issues or work together and are involved in a conflict, it can become much more difficult to bring about an equitable resolution. It is crucial that when you are choosing experienced Los Angeles gay and lesbian divorce attorneys, that you are represented by one that will aggressively defend your best interests.

Now that same-sex marriages are once again legal in the state of California following the demise of Proposition 8, it is an unfortunate reality that some of these marriages may not stand the test of time. Thousands of same-sex couples have now wed in the state, and at some point, some couples will face the inevitable fact that they may need the services of an experienced divorce and family law attorney if they are contemplating legal separation or divorce.

Pride Legal’s network of divorce and family law attorneys serve all of Southern California. Our member attorneys offer professional legal services to the gay community as well as the community at large. Our compassionate, skilled lawyers will help you through this challenging time and remain committed to achieving the best possible outcome for your case.

California Divorce Lawyers for the Needs of the LGBT Community

Pride Legal has excellent LGBT divorce attorneys in our network that serve the Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego County areas. Your selection of divorce attorneys is a crucial part of the process you are facing. You will need someone you can trust that will protect your legal rights and those of your family.

Need to discuss the possibility of divorce?  Contact a California Gay and Lesbian Divorce Attorney  for more information about your options.

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