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What You Need to Know About Your Police Questioning Rights

Police officers oftentimes do not inform you of your rights. Learn your police questioning rights. Understand what to say and, more importantly, what not to say when being arrested or questioned by the police.

1) If detained for a DUI, refuse to do any field sobriety test or on-scene preliminary alcohol screening test. Ask for a breath test at the police station. Do not answer any questions about alcohol consumption.

2) Do not agree to answer any police questioning without the presence of a lawyer. ASK FOR A LAWYER! You have unalienable police questioning rights!

3) Never consent to any search of your vehicle, home, or person. Any evidence discovered by authorities against your consent may be thrown out in court.

4) Immediately locate and identify any potential witnesses that may help your defense.

5) Always be polite and respectful to the officers. Be in your best behavior; you may be videotaped.

6) While in custody, do not discuss your case with any other arrestees. The may be informants.

7) Never make any contact with any law enforcement agency, District Attorney, City Attorney, Prosecutor, or Investigator without consulting a lawyer first. The police are there to fulfill their duties, they are not your friends!

8) Do not discuss your case with anyone other than a lawyer.

9) Police can lie. Just because someone says they are not a cop, does not mean that they are not.

10) If detained, arrested, questioned, or contacted by any law enforcement agency, contact Pride Legal for a free consultation with one of our independent lawyers.

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