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Homicide is known as an act that results in the death of another human being. Criminal homicide can be caused by several circumstances, some of which include intentional or unintentional, premeditated, reckless or careless behavior on the part of another.

Because homicide does not always signify a murder, it is not always considered a crime. Such instances include The Right to Self Protection and situations in which an offender threatens the life of a law enforcement officer. If a law enforcement officer’s life is threatened, he or she has the right to murder the offender without it being considered a homicide. In other words, a homicide case can be either lawful or unlawful. The prosecution has the burden of validating that the homicide was unlawful and if the jury determines that the homicide was lawful, then no crime has been committed and the verdict is not guilty.

Types of crimes involving homicide include:

1st degree Murder: A homicide committed deliberately with premeditation or criminal intent.

Voluntary Manslaughter: The intentional killing of another human being when the defendant has no intentions of actually killing.

Involuntary Manslaughter: The unintentional killing of another human being.

Vehicular Manslaughter: A death that is unintentional and is the result of careless driving, such as a DUI.

Additionally, certain other cases can be effective defenses against a homicide charge. These include acts during wartime and innocence due to mental illness.

Find a Homicide Defense Lawyer Near You

Homicide penalties are among the most serious and complicated trials to settle. Although sentencing for homicide can be as harsh as incarceration for life and even the death penalty, there are means of diminishing or even dismissing charges of homicide. At Pride Legal, our network of experienced LGBT lawyers in Los Angeles are here to find the most compelling defense to prevent clients like you from facing such serious charges.

We understand the shortcuts that the police and the District Attorneys take in homicide cases and we will use this as an advantage for the benefit of our clients. Such shortcuts include exploiting poor police work, contradictory testimonies, and various other ways to reduce the severity of your charges. Our attorneys look forward to providing you with remarkable legal representation. Our priority remains to protect your rights immediately and do whatever we can to keep you out of penitentiary.

If you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer to defend you against homicide or murder charges, look no further! Contact a Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Homicide Defense Attorney today.


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