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About Traumatic Brain Injury and Common Symptoms

Traumatic Brain Injury (also known as TBI) is caused by a sudden trauma to the brain due to violence to the brain or an object piercing through the brain tissue. TBI alters one’s life completely and abruptly  and hosts a series of physical, sensory, and cognitive symptoms including persistent headaches, dizziness, unevenly dilated pupils, confusion, aphasia (difficulty with words), fatigue, lack of balance, a change in sleep patterns, and damage to memory, concentration, or thinking. TBI can be caused by a series of incidents such as a vehicle accident, a bad birthing experience, a blow to the head, a slip-and-fall accident, or a toxic industrial products accident.

Traumatic brain injury symptoms can range from mild to moderate to severe. The severity can objectively be determined through a 15-point scoring system called the Glasgow Coma Scale. This scale tests the injured victim’s ability to follow directions in eye-opening, verbal, and motor tasks. The higher the score, the less severe the injury. Below is how the score is determined:

Eye Opening Response

  • Open and awake eyes, normal blinking 4 points
  • Eyes open only in response to oral command 3 points
  • Eyes open due to pain 2 points
  • No response 1 point

Verbal Response

  • Normal 5 points
  • Answering questions but confused conversation 4 points
  • Inappropriate words 3 points
  • Indecipherable speech 2 points
  • No response 1 point

Motor Response

  • Moves when directed 6 points
  • When pain applied, moves purposefully 5 points
  • Withdraws in response to pain 4 points
  • Decorticate posturing 3 points
  • Pointed toes, rigidity, head extended backward (Decerebrate posturing) 2 points
  • No response 1 point

Overall, if the patient’s responses add up to be between 3 to 8 points, the patient’s TBI is severe and he or she is in fact in a coma. A score between 9 and 12 means that the patient is not in a coma and has moderate TBI. A score between 13 to 15 means that the patient has mild symptoms of TBI.

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