6 Benefits of Divorce During COVID-19

California couples have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it be due to monetary loss, domestic abuse, relapse of addictions, or lack of compatibly, many are currently opting for divorce. Here are 6 benefits of divorce during COVID-19.

1. Decreased Alimony Payments

If your income has decreased or you have lost your job as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be able to file a petition for a change of income. This will allow you to legally present to the court that your income has decreased, allowing you to pay less in alimony.

2. You May Be Able to Keep Your Properties

When filing for divorce, the court will assess your income, assets, properties, and debts. Although assets are generally divided equally between spouses during divorce, you may save yourself from needing to give up certain assets. The courts determine the fair market value of assets by estimating what a willing buyer would pay a willing seller, and with both parties knowing all relevant facts. The recent economic downturns due to the COVID-19 pandemic could decrease the demand for your asset, therefore decreasing the appraisal. This could help you and your attorney argue that the property is not worth giving up.

3. Faster Divorce During COVID-19

Generally, the divorce process takes some time. Since California courts are now starting to reopen, and are taking cases based on priority, you may be able to get a quick divorce. An experienced lawyer from Pride Legal will be able to assist you through getting your divorce online, and if needed, going to court and fight for you. California’s legal system also allows for hiring private judges to handle cases.

4. You May Gain Child Custody

If you or your child contract the novel coronavirus (aka COVID-19) during the divorce process, stay home. You may contact your lawyer to notify them of what has happened. If your child becomes sick, it is best that your child stays with one parent. You and your spouse will need to decide where the child will stay and with who. Depending on the circumstances, this could affect the child custody agreement. A spouse can show that their ex-significant-other willingly neglects the child’s health; this can affect child visitation and help you gain further custody of your child.

5. Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) allows for video conference calls during mediation or to arbitrate temporary issues that may arise. ADR has been implemented due to the pandemic and because many people need to stay at home. The use of ADR may be a potential solution to closed courthouses and the long wait times you may receive once the courts reopen. You may share documents with your council while being on video conference, as well as finalize your divorce through a private judge or file Dissolution of Marriage through the court. The use of ADR can expedite divorce during COVID-19.

6. You Can Help Your Health In the Long Run

Divorce can be drawn out, leaving both spouses bitter and bankrupt. During the COVID-19 pandemic, California courts have arguably made it much easier to expedite your divorce process. Many are capitalizing on the silver lining advantages these desperate times offer. Less time battling in courts means less stress, and with less stress comes more health. Discuss with your attorney to assess whether now is the right time for you to begin your divorce. A divorce during COVID-19 may be the best option for you.

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