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About Theft Laws in California

Theft is legally defined as the illicit taking of someone else’s property through fraud or deception. Theft can be a very tricky Individuals who stick with a public defender are more likely to be convicted of theft and receive longer sentences. This is why it is crucial to hire an experienced Theft Defense Attorney that will protect your legal rights. Pride Legal’s LGBT and LGBT-friendly Theft Defense Lawyers have years of experience representing defendants charged with petty or grand theft. To protect your rights, hire someone who understands them.

Petty Theft

Under California Penal Code 484, a crime is considered petty theft when the property taken is

  • worth $950 or less
  • not of a certain special type (car)
  • not taken straight off of the person it belongs to

Petty theft is considered to be a misdemeanor in California. Most first time petty theft sentences are fined up to $1000, up to 6 months in county jail, or both. Pride Legal’s Petty Theft Defense Attorneys have years of experience in defending individuals accused of petty theft. Contact Pride Legal’s network of LGBT Theft Defense Lawyers today!

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Grand Theft

A theft is considered to be grand theft when the property taken is:

  • $950 or more
  • a car or a firearm
  • taken directly off of the person it belongs to

A grand theft can have many professional and personal repercussions. In California, grand theft is a “wobbler” offense. This signifies that depending on the circumstances, the prosecutor may decide to charge you with either misdemeanor or felony grand theft.

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Legal Defenses to Theft

if you have been charged with petty or grand theft, your attorney can argue that

  • you did not steal the item intentionally (i.e. if someone mistakes their jacket for someone else’s, this would not be considered a crime)
  • the stolen property actually belonged to you
  • you had the owner’s consent to take the item
  • you were falsely accused

Your lawyer’s past experience can greatly influence the outcomes of your case. An experienced theft defense attorney may have greater knowledge of theft law, therefore increasing your chances of acquittal.

Find the Right Theft Defense Lawyer at Pride Legal

With the help of a knowledgeable and experienced theft defense attorneys, you may be able to avoid and beat grand theft charges using certain legal defenses. Contact Pride Legal immediately to be referred to an experienced California attorney. If you have been charged with petty or grand theft, one of Pride Legal’s LGBT Theft Defense Lawyers will work cooperatively to fight for your rights.

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