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If Facing Felony Charges, You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

A felony charge is considered one of the most severe accusations within the legal system. By definition, a felony is punishable by a year or more in a state penitentiary. All other crimes with a sentence of less than one year are categorized as misdemeanors. For felonies, physical incarceration is often mandatory without the option of probation. However, felonies also have far-reaching implications that can affect you many years down the road from the conviction. For this very reason, Pride Legal takes each individual felony charge seriously and with its full attention.

Although all felonies are severe, the severity ranges between different classes, beginning with Class I as the most severe and holding a minimum sentence of life in jail and a maximum sentence of the death penalty. A Class VI felony holds at least one year in a state prison. All classes generally include big fines as well. Typical felonies include murder and homicide, rape, arson, drug trafficking, child abuse, gun possession, drunk driving, burglary, money laundering, child pornography, and grand theft crimes.

The repercussions of a felony conviction last a lifetime; felons do not have voting privileges, are unable to serve in the military, and are often barred from employment. Other restrictions apply as well, including the loss of gun ownership and possessing a drivers license. In particular violent felony cases, the convicted felon will receive a strike,” thus beginning a three-strikescountdown to mandatory future convictions.

Seeking Representation for Felony Charges?

Essentially, some felonies can be referred to as “wobblers” because they are on the border of a minor misdemeanor charge and a felony. Such cases can be tried as a felony or a misdemeanor. Our goal at Pride Legal is to work aggressively to ensure that these types of crimes remain on the misdemeanorside of the law, thus protecting you from the severe and enduring consequences of a felony conviction.

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