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| lgbt terrorist threat criminal defense | pride legal | los angeles terrorist threat criminal defense lawyer |What is a Terrorist Threat?

Following the 9/11 attacks, terrorist threats have been taken very seriously. Making a terrorist threat involves threatening to commit a violent crime against another person and instilling fear in that person. In California, the threat must be made with specific intent either verbally, in writing, or electronically. A conviction can be made even if the perpetrator is incapable of carrying out the threat. If you have been accused of making a terrorist threat, contact a Terrorist Threat Defense Attorney today. Terrorist threats are taken very seriously, so it is very important to hire an attorney that is experienced in the field. Pride Legal’s Terrorist Threat Defense Lawyers have years of experience in defending individuals accused of making terrorist threats. 

Legal Penalties for Terrorist Threats in California

Under California Penal Code 422, terrorist threats are considered “wobbler” offenses. This means that this crime can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. If the perpetrator is convicted of the misdemeanor, he or she can face up until one year in prison, while those being convicted of the felony, can face up until four years in prison. If the threat involved a deadly weapon, the sentence will be increased by one year.

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