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About California Adoption Laws for the Gay Community

Adoption is the act of legally creating a family relationship between a parent or parents and a child that is not biologically related. Adoption laws are different from state to state, and there are different types of adoption. Adoption can occur between the prospective parents and an adoption agency or it may be a private individual giving up a child for adoption. Once an adoption is complete, the biological parents of the child no longer have any type of legal relationship with him or her.

Many couples and even singles wish to have children and either cannot conceive their own children or choose not to for a variety of reasons. Gay couples may wish to create a family and choose adoption as the means to do so. Whatever your reason for wanting to adopt, there are attorneys in our legal network that can assist you in achieving your goal of adopting a child. The goal of most adoption agencies and foster agencies is to place a child in the right environment for the child, one which will enable the child to grow in a loving environment that will work for both the child and parents. The United States has thousands of children that are either in foster care or awaiting adoption and there is no reason you and your partner cannot be the ones to adopt them.

Although traditionally only married couples were able to adopt a child, times have changed considerably and many other couples in relationships can now freely and legally adopt. California especially has fairly progressive laws when it comes to allowing same-sex partners to adopt, married or not. Regardless of the legal issues, if you fit the “untraditional” role, you may expect to have a somewhat harder time in adopting than if you do have what is considered a “traditional” marriage with parents of both sexes.

It is also important to be aware of the complexities of adoption laws in other states and countries before proceeding. Some states and countries ban sam-sex couples from adopting outright, and other restrictions may bring up issues that could cause complications for the adoptive parents and children down the road.

Gay and Lesbian Adoption Lawyers in Los Angeles and Throughout California

The challenges for anyone wanting to adopt a child are best dealt with through an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles gay adoption attorney. There are many legal issues to be addressed, especially if attempting to adopt a child from an individual. To protect your interests and that of the child into the future, having a skilled attorney reviewing all of the details and ensuring there are no loose ends will provide peace of mind for both the biological parents and the adopting parents.

Pride Legal specializes in providing skilled and experienced representation to the special needs of the gay community as well as the community at large. Our network of member attorneys provide services in and around Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County and throughout Southern California and the rest of the state.

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