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Robbery is considered a felony theft and is defined as an individual taking the property of another individual by using threats of violence, force, or personal danger. While robbery involves intended violence to another party, theft involves stealing through fraud or deception. Car jacking, mugging, extortion, aggravated assault, and armed robbery, in which the individual has a weapon or firearm on them, are all classified as types of robbery.

In order to be accused of robbery, the prosecutor must validate the five components of the case:

  1. You took the property of another individual
  2. The property was removed from the person or in their existing presence
  3. You took their property against their wish
  4. You utilized force, fear, or harm while taking the individual’s property
  5. You intended to remove their property for good or for an extended period of time, depriving them of the pleasure of that property

Robbery is often known as a continuing defense, which means that as long as each of these components are completed, then there is no requirement that they occur simultaneously or in a particular sequence. Robbery is only finished when the robber is caught or has reached a place of safety.

There are two subcategories of robbery, each entailing different characteristics: first-degree robbery and second-degree robbery.

First-degree robbery is the most severe type of robbery. Typical first-degree robbery cases include robbing a driver or passenger of a vehicle, robbing someone’s home, or robbing someone using or who has just completed using the ATM. Those found guilty of a first-degree robbery may face up to 9 years in California state prison.

Those found guilty of second-degree robbery may face up to 5 years in California state prison as opposed to 9 years.

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If convicted of a robbery in the state of California, you will lose your rights to purchase or obtain any firearms. A robbery conviction could affect your future employment opportunities, your right to vote, and your reputation in society. You need to protect yourself by hiring a skilled LGBT attorney. The attorneys at Pride Legal in Los Angeles have the experience and commitment to actively represent you in any claim of robbery. Our experience allows us to thoroughly investigate and analyze the history case in detail, such as circumstances in which the robbery occurred, the behavior of the alleged victim, and even the intent of the accused robber. By doing so, we at Pride Legal are often able to have the charges of robbery dropped to a lesser charge or dismissed as a whole.

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