Personal injury cases can be overwhelming and confusing. On top of recovering from injuries, individuals may also find themselves swamped with paperwork, court orders, running back and forth between doctor appointments, and still having countless unanswered questions about their case. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, victims can ensure that their case has been properly handled.

A personal injury lawyer is able to help gain more compensation from the at-fault parties, can ensure that all paperwork has been properly filed, and more. Hence, it is a good idea to seek out a personal injury lawyer that can provide you with legal counseling and guide you through the next steps of your case. Here are 5 main benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer.

1.  Attorneys are experienced at assessing claims.

Experienced personal injury attorneys have worked through numerous cases. Attorneys have years of experience working with insurance companies and licensed professionals. Therefore, attorneys can easily help determine whether a case is worth moving forward. This can save individuals from wasting time and expenses on litigation while pursuing a case that is unlikely to win.

2. Personal Injury Lawyers can evaluate the value of your case

A big part of making a personal injury lawsuit is figuring out how much a claim is worth. Individuals often underestimate the value of the claim, resulting in possibly losing thousands of dollars and leaving them with less compensatory damages than they deserve. With the help of Pride Legal’s attorneys, injuries can be professionally analyzed, as well as deduct losses that go beyond physical injuries such as emotional pain and suffering. Additionally, attorneys have a great sense of how insurance companies work. Cases that are handled by attorneys can help individuals reach an ideal settlement, instead of having to deal with the court system.

3. Attorneys help guide you through legal complexity

Oftentimes, cases will require individuals to go through unfamiliar legal procedures like litigation and mediation. Working with an attorney through legal procedures will ensure all legal documents will be filed properly, insurance agents will be properly dealt with, and all deadlines will be met. In regards to legal technicalities, even the smallest gap in your legal knowledge may serve as an advantage to the disputing party.

4. A personal injury lawyer can improve your chance of winning the case

There are a lot of things to look out for when preparing for a lawsuit. Small mistakes and legal tactics can undermine the case. Oftentimes, personal injury lawsuits deal with insurance companies that are far more experienced than the average person. Attorneys can ensure that your best interests are protected by dealing directly with these companies. Additionally, by being represented by an attorney, the victim is showing that they are well prepared to go to trial. Hence, disputed parties are motivated to reach a settlement offer earlier and not drag out the process. With the help of an attorney, a person can almost guarantee that their chances of gaining more compensation from their personal injury case will increase.

5. Contingency fee basis

The cost of an attorney can intimidate individuals from hiring one. However, most personal injury attorneys, including the ones in California, work on a “contingency fee” basis. A contingency fee is an agreement made between clients and lawyers that the lawyers will only receive a percentage of the settlement once the case is settled. The percentage may vary but it is often around one thirds or 33%. Simply put, if you don’t get paid, your attorney does not get paid. The fact that an attorney’s fee is contingent upon the settlement is very advantageous to the individual, as the attorneys likely will be very motivated to help you win the case, get a high settlement and settle the case quicker.

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