Despite the fact that marriage equality has taken steps forward in recent years, there are still many legal issues that plague same-sex marriages. Some of the most concerning issues include the following:


Same-sex couples still face discrimination despite the fact that many states have specific laws banning discrimination. Couples experience discrimination in housing due to antiquated cohabitation guidelines. Couples experience employment discrimination also, in the form of being denied jobs, as well as benefits like FMLA coverage.

Tax Issues

Same-sex couples often find that they do not qualify for the same federal tax benefits that opposite-sex couples might enjoy. Couples also only receive state benefits if they live in one of the 14 states that legally recognize same-sex marriage.

Healthcare Issues

Progress has been made in the healthcare environment thanks to laws passed under the Obama administration. Same-sex couples should be provided with the same rights and privileges as opposite-sex couples when it comes to healthcare. Same-sex partners should also have equal rights when choosing a representative to make medical decisions.


Some states have banned same-sex couples from adopting, while others use a series of adoption methods that allow couples to adopt jointly through an organization, or via second or stepparent adoption. Unfortunately, the adoption landscape is still challenging for same-sex couples.

While the same-sex marriage equality landscape has improved, there is more work to be done. If you have questions or concerns about these or other issues related to your same-sex marriage, contact Pride Legal.