If you’re thinking about divorce, a few common thoughts have probably come to mind. The thought of divorce brings thoughts of stress, expensive attorney’s fees, drawn-out litigation processes, and harming the relationship between the family. However, not all divorces need to be nasty, expensive or drawn out. Here you’ll be able to read on how to take the right steps for a quick and peaceful divorce.

1. Consider Using A Mediator

Mediators are one of the best tools spouses may use when they want to get a divorce. Going through a judge and the court system could be extremely stressful and time-consuming, but using a mediator would save time and money. Through mediation, both parties would be able to come together in a controlled environment away from the courts to be able to come to resolutions. Mediators would be able to decide on things such as asset division, property division, debt division, alimony payments, and any other agreements that both parties agree upon, assuming they are legal requests. With the use of an attorney, the divorcees would need to have separate counsel, need to pay attorney’s fees, and have to wait for the legal system to run its course. This process is usually much longer rather than going through mediation.

A mediator can also help both couples end on good terms. With the use of an attorney, both spouses won’t be with each other as often, as the attorneys would be handling the comments and the requests. Using a mediator, both parties may come together in a discreet environment where they would be able to speak freely and come to the terms they both agree upon.

2. Staying calm is key to a peaceful divorce

Although you’re going through a divorce to not be married to someone, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your ex-spouse with respect. Understandably, having to go through a divorce is not easy and could be an extremely stressful time for some. It’s best to treat all parties with respect, not only for your own well-being but for the other’s well-being. The mediation will also not be possible if any spouse is being difficult or rude to another. The best policy is always to be respectful of each other. Think about it, if a person is acting difficult during the litigation process or prior to the litigation process, would it be easier to get what you want? For example, if a spouse comes in annoyed and angry at the other spouse and demands that they get more visitation time, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t grant that.

3. Identify and stick to goals

Looking through the path of divorce could be confusing and stressful. This is why it’s important to identify the goals that you want to achieve for yourself. These could include anything from just taking work off to work on yourself to achieve personal goals never accomplished before. Go sky-diving if you’ve always wanted to, if you’ve always wanted to race a car head down to a NASCAR track and get a ride in one of the cars! The world is yours to do as you please, use this time to work on yourself and bettering the place around you. These goals do not need to just be outside things, they may include finding a better job or gaining more income. During these times it’s important that you focus on the good parts of life and realizing that divorce is not forever, but a temporary setback.

4. Be patient

A peaceful divorce is key. With the use of an attorney, the litigation process and divorce process could take months to be completed. Even with the use of a mediator, divorces may not finalize until six months after the first filing date. In other words, you have to file the divorce with the court and only after 6 full months have been completed may the divorce be finalized. California law not only requires 6 full months for the finalization of the divorce, but also requires one spouse to have been a California resident for 6 months, and has resided in the county they are filing in for at least 1 month. It’s important not to rush any decisions during the mediation or litigation process, as there’s a lot of time to work with. If one side finds themselves stuck on an argument, they could use this time to reflect on why they’re so stuck on it.

It’s important to gather any information during this time that you may believe is useful. Tax returns, property taxes, texts, emails, wills, prenups, or anything that you or your attorney may be useful to them is important to bring. Having all of these documents ready would save precious time and money while with an attorney or mediator. Instead of having to find papers for 20 minutes with your attorney and paying for 20 minutes of searching, have them on hand to immediately give to your attorney.

5. Hire a professional

Going through a divorce alone is never easy. With the use of an attorney, they would be able to handle all of the spouse’s needs from paperwork, the filing, and collecting evidence. The stress and the burden of having to worry about legal deadlines or whether or not a paper was filed out correctly would be handled by your attorney. Divorce coaches are also available for couples to use. Divorce coaches are able to help with emotional distress, as well as plan for the divorce. These people cannot give legal advice, but rather are there to help you and explain to you the process that is happening. With the use of an attorney, divorce coach, or therapist, being able to have a peaceful divorce is easy.

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