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Social Security Lawyers for the LGBT Community in California

LGBT Social Security Attorneys

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Pride Legal has the Social Security Lawyers you need if you have questions or problems about the benefits you are entitled to. Our Social Security system was set up to provide retirement benefits, benefits for the disabled, and income for widows and dependents. Most all of us pay into the Social Security system some time throughout our life, in one form or another. Social Security benefits often have to be claimed for, such as disability benefits. If you are permanently disabled for any reason, due to an accident or illness, and are unable to work in any substantial, gainful employment, you may be eligible for Social Security benefits regardless of your age. Because the Social Security Administration is a complex and bureaucratic government agency, applying for benefits can be a difficult and frustrating matter. The Social Security Administration reviews each case filed to determine if the person is actually in need of financial support. They have the discretion of denying your claim if they do not feel your financial picture warrants disability benefits. Often most applications for Social Security benefits are initially denied. By retaining the services of a Los Angeles gay and lesbian Social Security attorney, you can retain the legal expertise you need to ensure you obtain the disability benefits you deserve. When you are confused as to what benefits you are entitled to, or simply don’t know what to do, Pride Legal can help with advice from a qualified lawyer from our network.

LGBT Social Security Lawyers in California from Pride Legal

With the many complex questions as to Social Security benefits qualifications, it is best to contact one of the experienced and knowledgeable lawyers in our network and have him or her review your circumstances. Our network excels in accommodating the special needs of the gay community, as well as the general community in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and throughout Southern California.

If you have legal problems with your Social Security benefits, contact a California Gay and Lesbian Social Security Benefits Attorney today.

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