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Probation Violation? You Need a Strong Defense Attorney

Probation is a type of sentence that allows convicted criminals to continue on with his or her life and avoid imprisonment. Convicted criminals who are on probation are subject to a number of rules and regulations, and violation of these rules can result in imprisonment or further penalties. The repercussions linked to violating your probation are contingent upon several elements such as whether you have prior violations, the type and severity of the violation, and whether other circumstances exist that may worsen the severity of the violation.   

There are various ways that you may violate your probation, some of which include:

  • Failing to appear to your probation officer at the set time or place
  • Failing to appear in court during a scheduled court appearance on a specific date and time
  • Failing to pay any fines or compensations to victims as mandated by a court
  • Visiting certain people or places, or traveling out of state without the authorization of your probation officer
  • Selling, using, or possessing illicit drugs
  • Engaging in other crimes
  • Getting arrested for another misdemeanor, despite being a criminal or not

Because you are authorized to remain involved in the community following a crime you have committed, it is mandatory in almost all cases that you refrain from trouble, attend hearings with your probation officer on a regular basis, drug test, and potentially perform physical labor, attend rehabilitation, or partake in a type of coursework.

Following your sentence, probation enables you to compensate for your crime in ways other than jail time. Two categories of probation exist: “formal probation” and “summary probation.” Formal probation mandates that you meet with your probation officer on a regular basis and entails more rigid regulations than summary probation. Despite their differences, both types of probations are severe and violating them will really affect the outcome of your case.

Probation Violations Successfully Defended

By merely understanding the terms regarding your probation, numerous probation violations can be avoided. Pride Legal’s experienced attorneys in Los Angeles may have the ability to successfully defend against charges of a probation violation if you contact us as soon as you have been informed of the charges.  Because an unattended charge can seriously change the terms of your probation, coping with the charge smoothly and with the fullest defense under the law is essential. 

If you are facing charges for probation violation, contact Pride Legal to get a California Gay and Lesbian Probation Defense Attorney today.

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