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Los Angeles LGBT Military Attorneys

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Military Law in California

In these difficult global times, it is critically important that we have our military to defend our country’s interests against any kind of foreign aggression. This isn’t any easy task. It takes incredible resources, extensive training and dedicated men and women to keep our country safe. Quite often, protecting America puts our brave military men and women in harm’s way.

However, there can be times when a service man or woman could be accused of or involved in a military crime, offense or violation in which you would need the services of a Los Angeles military law attorney. When you face disciplinary action, an administrative board hearing, or even a military court-martial, you deserve to be represented by highly trained and aggressive military attorneys who will protect your freedom, career, rank, retirement and reputation.

Even though the UCMJ will provide you with a uniformed military attorney, you are taking a risk with the outcome of your case. These attorneys can be dedicated and energetic, but are likely to be inexperienced, not due to any fault of their own; they usually don’t have the opportunity to put in the years of experience necessary to fully understand military law to guarantee a good outcome. Don’t take chances with your future; you have the right to retain experienced civilian military attorneys.

The network of LGBT-supportive military law attorneys from Pride Legal can skillfully evaluate and review your military case. These attorneys can assist you in the following areas: general court martial, special court martial, summary court martial, parole & clemency, court martial appeals, correction of records, war crimes, discharge upgrade, discharge hearings and various other articles.

In addition, should you find that you have been discriminated against while in the military due to your sexual preference, race, age or any other form of discrimination, our legal network can help there as well.

Pride Legal Experienced California Military Attorneys

At Pride Legal, we offer a professional network of independent military law attorneys who are experienced and dedicated to obtaining the best results for their clients. Our member attorneys provide professional legal services to the military community at large; however we pride ourselves on catering to the special needs of the gay and lesbian military community. There are very specific issues in the military that affect gays specifically, and we are prepared to provide you with the representation you need.

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