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Liquor Laws in California

Liquor law attorneys are familiar with the complex liquor laws (also known as “Dram Shop Laws”) that apply to nightclubs, taverns, bars, clubs, local and national restaurant chains, caterers, billiard halls, wine shops, convenience stores, and liquor stores. There are specific laws, both state and federal, that regulate and govern liquor licenses and the use of them. An experienced Los Angeles gay and lesbian liquor law attorney can help an individual or a business obtain a liquor license properly, or help with the sale of a business that includes a liquor license. The terms of a liquor license are very specific and they must be followed exactly or you can risk losing the license. It is therefore important that anyone having a liquor license issue have a knowledgeable lawyer to assist them in handling it.

Certain situations can arise that can lead to problems with a liquor license, such as serving alcohol to minors, serving after hours, occupancy violations in your establishment, serving alcohol to someone already inebriated, and others. These are serious situations that could ruin the future of your establishment should you lose your license. By obtaining the advice and counsel of one of our experienced LGBT lawyers from the independent network we provide, you can protect your rights in any liquor law violation.

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Pride Legal will assist you in finding a capable attorney who will review your specific liquor law situation so as to determine what your best options are. At Pride Legal, we have a professional network of independent attorneys offering specialized legal services to the community at large. We also have the special interests of our gay community as part of our unique forum of lawyers anywhere in the Southern California area of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties.

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