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Kidnapping is forcibly abducting or snatching a person and holding him or her against his or her will. Common types of kidnapping include aggravated kidnapping, child kidnapping, kidnapping for ransom, simple kidnapping, and parental kidnapping.

In California, kidnapping is a very serious crime and the punishment can be highly severe depending on the charge as well as external factors such as your criminal record or existing criminal status. Simple kidnapping can face penalties such as anywhere from 3 to 8 years of jail sentence. If the child who was kidnapped is under the age of 14, the person convicted will receive a prison sentence of up to 11 years. Since aggravated kidnapping is known as an elevated charge, you can face punishments that range from 20 years of jail sentence just for one count, up to life imprisonment. Aggravated kidnapping involves taking an individual with the intention of:

  • Holding them for a reward
  • Using them as a hostage
  • Inflicting physical injury or sexually abuse them
  • Terrorizing the victim

In Need of a Kidnapping Defense Lawyer?

Anyone who has been charged with kidnapping and needs a lawyer in Los Angeles should contact Pride Legal immediately. Depending on the situation, an experienced criminal defense attorney at Pride Legal may even be able to get the charges dismissed when the evidence is inadequate or the prosecution fails to establish all of the components of the crime.

If you are looking for someone to defend you against charges for kidnapping, contact a Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Kidnapping Defense Attorney today.


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