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California Juvenile Defense Attorneys for the LGBT Community

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Defense for Juvenile Crimes in the LGBT Community

Because children do not have the brain of adults, they take foolish risks, are often very impulsive, and do not understand that their mistakes can have devastating results on their family and their future. Nowadays, children are being investigated and accused of theft, vandalism, drug crimes, assault, battery, robbery, attempted murder, and homicide. However, it is essential to understand that anyone who is charged with a crime must have a criminal mental state. In some cases, your child may be wrongly accused because he or she was unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time. Contact Pride Legal’s network of LGBT and LGBT-friendly Juvenile Defense Attorneys today.

The Difference Between Regular Law and Juvenile Law

Primarily, the biggest difference in juvenile law is the emphasis on rehabilitation and prevention instead of punishment and the determination of guilt. Juvenile crime is technically called “juvenile delinquency” and requires that the court intervene in a much more aggressive way than normal crime. In other words, these crimes committed by those under the age of 18 are persecuted under different means than the regular law.

There are many laws and cases that question whether a minor has the capability to form criminal intent at all. However, regardless of what the charges are, it is vital that you hire a trained and knowledgeable attorney from Pride Legal’s network to fight your case. We will work together to assist you in fighting for the rights of your child.

At Pride Legal, we strongly believe that minors deserve a second chance. We will thoroughly investigate the case your child has been accused of and make every endeavor to have the charges reduced or dismissed completely. Unfortunately, if your child is required to go before a judge, the options given to a juvenile when found guilty include referrals to reform schools or foster care, rehabilitation in a formal program, probation, or house arrest.

Locate a California Gay and Lesbian Juvenile Defense Lawyer

A minor convicted of a crime can suffer serious consequences including jail sentences which include fines, court and legal fees, community service and probation. If warranted, the juvenile may be removed from their home and placed in a juvenile detention center. If the crime is especially serious, a juvenile may be tried as an adult and can end up incarcerated in the regular prison system.

Having a situation involving your minor child or relative being accused of a crime can be very upsetting and emotionally trying. We encourage you to locate one of our highly trained professionals in our legal network to assist in your family’s defense. A juvenile record can and will affect your child’s future at employment or college decisions. However, by hiring a California Juvenile Defense Attorney in the Pride Legal network, you are giving your child the chance to fight for his or her rights. We understand that this time may be very confusing for both you and your family. The juvenile defense attorneys at Pride Legal are highly experienced in juvenile law and will aggressively fight for your child’s rights and seek to either lessen or remove any accusations made. We will fight for you child as if they were our own.

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If you or a loved one has been charged with a juvenile crime, we invite you to contact us at Pride Legal for legal counseling or any further questions. To protect your rights, hire someone who understands them.

Contact a California Gay and Lesbian Juvenile Defense Attorney from Pride Legal to aggressively and skillfully defend your child’s charges.

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