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Identity theft entails using another individual’s personal information in order to enact fraud or deception, most often to acquire money.  More reports of identity theft incidents are prevalent in California than almost any other state and it has become one of the fastest growing crimes worldwide in such a short amount of time.

Because credit and debit cards have been made so easy to use, it has become one of the main forms of transaction today. Purchasing anything can be done at the click of a button. While this efficiency does have many benefits, it also poses potential risks that we should be aware of. The damage it can create can be detrimental and pervasive. Allow one of the ID theft attorneys within Pride Legal’s trusted network to handle your case.

The main reason people utilize identity theft is to:

  • Cause the victim to suffer a loss, which could be in the form of financial, emotional, etc.
  • Escape criminal culpability by using someone elses name, birthday, social security, or other types of information
  • Secure an undeserved financial asset for themselves

Moreover, our personal information is connected to almost every transaction we make, increasing the danger even more. Although there are security systems in place, we cannot rely on them completely. Often times, we hear of major retailers who have unknowingly allowed their customersdata to be stolen. In other cases, personal records have been lost and computers stolen.

 Do I need an ID theft defense attorney?

Pride Legal is aware of the damage that this crime can cause. We work with you by helping block the different financial and personal accounts from being exploited further. We then aggressively find the person or company liable and persecute them accordingly.  Additionally, if the identity theft was caused by negligence or inattention on behalf of the company, we seek immediate compensation and punitive damages on your behalf. Pride Legal’s ID theft attorneys have extensive experience with these types of cases, and will do everything in our hands to make sure you receive the rights you deserve.

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