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A hit and run is a criminal act in which a person who is part of a motor vehicle accident leaves the site without appropriately identifying themselves. According to the California state law, anyone who is involved in a car accident must properly identify themselves if they cause harm to another person or another persons property. If a person does not identify themselves and leaves the scene of the accident, he or she may face criminal charges. An individual involved in a hit and run can either be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. The crime is a misdemeanor if only property was damaged in the accident and is a felony is the accident caused a physical injury to another person.

Penalties for a Hit and Run Conviction in California

If a person in convicted of hit and run, he or she may be faced with criminal charges that include:

  • Imprisonment
  • Large fines
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Parole

Due to the severity of these penalties, it is important to take the time to gain defense against these charges. An experienced LGBT attorney within Los Angeles can help you assert certain legal defenses that could lead to a vindication on misdemeanor hit and run charges. These include:

  • Only your own car was damaged
  • It was actually someone else who was involved in the accident
  • You were not aware that you had been involved in an accident, or that the property of another individual had been damaged

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While many may believe that hit and run cases are simple, there are many technical defenses and legal strategies, which are effective against hit and run charges. It is in your best interest to acquire the services of a Los Angeles Hit and Run Defense Attorneys within Pride Legal’s network who has the legal skills and background necessary to successfully fight hit and run charges. Essentially, hiring legal representation in the early stages of the case can make the difference between facing criminal charges and potential prison time versus avoiding a criminal defense case altogether.

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