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Nursing Home or Other Neglect Are Serious Issues in the LGBT Community

As people age, they encounter a series of issues, both physical and mental. Their senses begin to fade, which may ultimately lead to loss of sight, hearing, and speech. Quite often, their memory is not as sharp as it used to be and they are not as astute at processing and integrating information. They become more frail and vulnerable and develop more fear, as they cannot necessarily protect themselves. For these reasons, sometimes immoral individuals choose to take advantage of the elderly for their own financial gain or simply because they are ruthless.

Elder abuse is defined by maltreatment of the elderly either financially, physically, or emotionally, resulting in harm or loss. The elderly can become primary targets of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Those who are responsible for with caring for them sometimes take advantage of the situation and victimize those they are supposed to protect. The laws covering elderly abuse also include depriving the elderly of necessary care or services by family members or a care facility. This may include spouses, family members, caretakers and neighbors.

Specifically, in the LGBT community, older gay and lesbian individuals may not have the same support system in place as their heterosexual peers. Many gay seniors may not have partners, children or other close relatives to care for them. Many are estranged from their families of origin. Therefore, they may be more prone to being taken advantage of by others who recognize that they are more isolated and lack a strong support group to look out for their welfare.

Some of the  warning signs of elder abuse include:

  • Abandonment
  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect
  • Permitting self-neglect
  • Financial abuse
  • Elder Caretaker fraud
  • Medical neglect in the form of improper medical care

Successfully Defending and Protecting the Best Interests of Older Gays and Lesbians

Elderly victim cases are often some of the most susceptible in our society. With elder abuse cases, common issues may come up such as loss of money, property theft, threats, unexplained injuries, and legal issues. Abuse can occur in various settings including ones family home, a rest home, nursing home, convalescent facility, hospital or independent living facility. Many are left without the appropriate legal representation for their case. However, at Pride Legal, we care for the justice of the elderly and are willing to fight assertively for their representation. If you believe a loved one has suffered elder abuse, contact Pride Legal today and our network of skilled independent attorneys who have previously dealt with elder abuse cases can help you. Our lawyers help elders, their families, and friends resolve and recover monetary losses where possible. Our member attorneys offer professional legal services to the LGBT community in Los Angeles as well as the community at large throughout California.

Do you know someone elderly who you think may have been abused or is being abused or taken advantage of? Contact a California Gay and Lesbian Elder Abuse Attorney at Pride Legal immediately!


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