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What are Counterfeit Drugs and Their Potential Effects?

Did you know that approximately 10 to 30% of medicines (an estimated $200 billion annually) sold in developing countries are counterfeit? By definition, counterfeit drugs are medications that the FDA has not approved. Overall, there is a possibility that counterfeit medication contains contaminants such as lead or mercury, or contains the incorrect or no active ingredient at all. Even if the drug does contain the correct active ingredient, it can be at the wrong dose.

What motivates buyers to purchase their prescription drugs online? Perhaps, it is the desire to save money or it is the belief that the counterfeit drug is simply a generic type of a brand name drug.

The Internet has the power of concealing the source of the product as well as the person accountable of selling and shipping the product. Because it is difficult to know the true substances in the counterfeit drug, it can have unexpected and life-threatening side effects that can be detrimental to your health. For this reason, the FDA takes counterfeit reports very seriously.

People who sell counterfeit drugs are not only likely to be charged for distributing them, but also for prescription fraud if they have acquired the drugs illicitly. Depending on the specific drug consumed, health hazards can range from allergic reactions, heart palpitations, strokes, or in some cases, even death. Additionally, not receiving the necessary prescription drug can exacerbate your medical problem.

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