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California Bar & Nightclub Incident Attorneys for the LGBT Community

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Have you Been Injured in a Bar or Nightclub Fight?

Los Angeles has one of the most active nightclub and bar scenes in California, often resulting in a high prevalence of injuries rooting from bar and club fights, as well as other incidents on the property. Sadly, however, many of the victims in these fights happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or have been injured by intolerant bouncers and careless club security guards.

Bar and nightclub owners must be equipped for if and when fights break out on their premises; it is more likely for fights, accidents, and other problems to occur when alcohol and large crowds of people are involved. Insufficient security present when handling these situations at bars and clubs also leads to more severe injuries than would otherwise happen. Commonly, overzealous bouncers and neglectful nightclub security not only use excessive force and actually exacerbate fights, but they also participate or even instigate these conflicts.

When a business opens its doors to the public in Los Angeles, it must adhere to a particular set of rules including protecting its guests from violent acts such as assault or battery. Specifically, bars and clubs are mandated to pinpoint fights before they even happen in order to avoid injuries from occurring to their patrons.  Some business owners may even be held liable for violent acts that did not even occur on their premises.

At Pride Legal we actively defend clients in Los Angeles and throughout California who have been victims of nightclub accidents, bar fights, and other incidents. The owners of these bars and clubs have the duty to keep their patrons secure. Under California’s laws of premises liability, victims of such incidents and injuries may be subject to compensation by these owners. Nevertheless, in order to recover from damage caused by a bar or nightclub incident, a victim must provide evidence of the following:

  • The property owner acknowledges the harmful condition of his or her property but takes no action to fix or alter the problem.
  • The property owner failed to respectably preserve the property.

Recovery from bar or club incidents may involve loss or income, loss of future earnings, pain and suffering, future medical care, emotional and psychological harm, serious damages where the property owners portrayed negligence, and medical costs caused by hospital and emergency room visits.

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At Pride Legal, we will thoroughly investigate the history of the bar or club, communicate with witnesses, review police reports and investigate all other aspects of the incident in order to clearly establish what took place and what, if anything, was done to prevent the incident from happening to begin with. Call Pride Legal today in order to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles who can help you fight for the justice you deserve.

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