When an insurance agent or broker is hit with allegations of fraud or misconduct by the California Department of Insurance, their business and livelihood become at risk. Defending your insurance agent/broker’s license against accusations from the CDI is not an easy task, as the offices of the CDI employ one of the most extensive networks of investigators throughout any licensing agency. Pride Legal is here to fight against investigators, accusations, denials of licenses, as well as help with the application process.

Defending Your Insurance Agent/Brokers License

The CDI regulates all insurance agents and brokers throughout California. The department investigates and handles claims regarding:

-Allegations of fraud
-Discipline for criminal convictions
-License denial for criminal convictions
-Mishandling of premiums and premium theft
-1033 Consent Applications for felons
-Alleged fraudulent loss runs
-Misrepresentations in applications for insurance.
-Failure to bind insurance
-Failure to comply with notice and technical requirements for annuity sales

Any complaint or allegation will be fully investigated by the CDI. Once you’ve received an Accusation notice, you will have 15 days from the day it was sent to file a Notice of Defense. This should be immediately handled by an attorney to be able to compile a defense and send the notice within the short deadline period.

How Pride Can Help Your License

Pride Legal provides legal representation for insurance agents/brokers for any reason. Some common legal issues include:

-Mandated disclosures
-CDI fraud investigations
-Requests for assistants
-Denial of license
-Defense against license suspension
-CDI Inquiry letters
-Defense from an accusation
-Requests for assistance
-Criminal charges and convictions
-Substance abuse
-Failure to comply with California rules and regulations


Q: I’ve just been contacted by the Department of Insurance Investigators. What should I do?

A: It’s important to remember not to speak to any department member or investigator, as anything said could be used against you when compiling evidence. Once an investigator contacts you, it’s safe to assume that there is an accusation against you with an open investigation. Contact an attorney immediately to step in between you and the investigator.

Q: I’ve gotten a felony. Can I save my insurance agent/broker’s license?

A: It depends on the circumstances of the crime and what was committed. You’ll want to hire an attorney to fill out your mandatory 1033 form, as anything written down on the form could be used against you. Pending charges could trigger a suspension order in your license, which would immediately suspend you from any further business. It’s important to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible to help your case.

Contact Pride Legal

If you have been contacted by the CDI or have a pending accusation, we invite you to contact us at Pride Legal for legal counseling or any further questions. To protect your rights, hire someone who understands them.