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A felony conviction can deprive you of potential employment, housing, business opportunities, and relationships, among other things. Ultimately, having a felony conviction on your record can disharmonize your mental health and overall life. Employers and landlords are increasingly running criminal background checks when hiring or seeking a tenant. Therefore, it is imperative to do everything in your power to clear your record and get a better chance at success.

California law allows a Pride Legal Expungement Attorney to file a petition for expungement on behalf of the individual convicted of a felony. If granted, your expungement will override your original conviction, giving you the confidence you need. Once granted, your expungement gives you the power to legally declare you have never been convicted of a felony. Like magic, your felony is permanently erased from your record, giving you a clean slate to continue living your life.

Of qualified candidates for expungement, Pride Legal attorneys have reported a PERFECT record of granted expungements filed. 

Pride Legal concentrates in California expungements, giving you the peace of mind necessary when handling any legal case. Do not hesitate to seek an expungement. Your clean slate awaits.

Am I eligible for a felony expungement?

If you violated your terms of probation, you still may be eligible for an expungement, depending on the given circumstances.

A defendant convicted of a misdemeanor or felony is NOT eligible for an expungement if:

  • The defendant is currently on probation for the given offense
  • The defendant is currently serving a sentence for the given offense
  • The defendant is currently charged with the given offense
  • The defendant is convicted of sodomy with a child
  • The defendant is convicted of lewd acts with a child
  • The defendant is convicted of statutory rape
  • The defendant is convicted of oral copulation with a child

The California Department of Justice will review and potentially seal all marijuana convictions prior to its legalization by July 1st, 2020.

Fortunately, California Penal Code 17(b) allows any individual convicted of a felony “wobbler” offense to potentially reduce their felony to a misdemeanor. A “wobbler” offense is a crime that can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. The district attorney and judge ultimately decide how a wobbler offense is charged.

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You must meet the following three requirements in order to be eligible for a petition:

  • The felony must be legally considered a “wobbler”
  • You must have been granted probation and NOT sent to state prison. County jail is not considered to be state prison.
  • All felonies associated with that specific case must also be eligible for a reduction

If your felony meets all of the requirements listed above, a judge may grant a PC 17(b) petition to reduce your felony. The judge may weigh the following factors when considering a PC 17(b) petition:

  • Your criminal history
  • Your record of compliance with your probation
  • The nature of your offense
  • Your personal history

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Will my petition for expungement be granted?

Your felony expungement is completely at the judge or district attorney’s discretion, so always be composed, respectful, and polite in any legal setting.

If your felony is eligible for an expungement, a judge will most likely grant reduction relief. After your felony has been reduced to a misdemeanor, many of your civil liberties will be restored. These civil liberties include California gun rights.

Contrary to popular belief, being convicted of a felony does not deprive your right to vote. Individuals convicted of felonies are only unable if they are incarcerated or on active parole during an election.

After reducing the felony to a misdemeanor, you may be eligible to petition for a complete expungement under Penal Code section 1203.4.

Pride Legal’s network of independent LGBT attorneys is heavily experienced in California expungement cases. If you have been convicted of a felony and want a fresh start at life, consult a Pride Legal LGBT Expungement Attorney today!

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Will my felony conviction still be shown on criminal background checks?

No. After 30 days of your expungement being granted, all criminal background checking websites and platforms will be updated to present your accurate, up-to-date criminal record.

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Pride Legal’s Refined Method

Pride Legal has a unique, refined method when filing expungements, giving us our 100% success rate of received granted expungements for qualified candidates. Pride Legal’s Expungement Attorneys understand the unique aspects of every case and therefore form a plan to fit your specific needs. No method is one-size-fits-all, and Pride Legal’s Expungement Attorneys understand that.

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