As a Daycare Provider, you strive to ensure that the children in your daycare are fully taken care of and safe. When the Department of Social Services (CDSS) launches an investigation into your Child Daycare license, your license could be in jeopardy. The potential to lose your license could result in the loss of your business and livelihood and could result in criminal charges depending on the type of violation. Whether there is an issue with a complaint against your business or pending criminal charges, Pride Legal is here to help.

Defending Your Child Daycare License

The Department of Social Services monitors and regulates all Child Daycare Centers and Family Child Care Homes through the Child Care Licensing Program. The goal of this program is to ensure that all children’s health and safety are properly taken care of. The program ensures that all facilities are properly maintained and up to date with the current safety and health standards. As such, the CDSS may investigate complaints such as:

-Unprofessional conduct
-Unsafe environment
-Negligent supervision
-Criminal convictions
-Failure to maintain appropriate records
-Failure to attend mandatory training courses or education
-Tough love, or harshly punishing children

Once the CDSS hears a complaint or conducts an inspection and finds a violation, they will launch an investigation into the matter. In serious cases, the business may need to close while the investigation is taking place. This is called a Temporary Suspension Order (TSO). If you’ve been ordered a TSO, immediately contact an attorney. The CDSS has the power to revoke a Child Daycare license, suspend the license, put the business under probation, or refer the business to criminal prosecution. Pride Legal is there to help any licensee from prosecution or from potentially losing their license.

Let Pride Defend Your Child Daycare License

The CDSS scope of the investigation does not stop solely inside of the licensed business. The CDSS has the ability to revoke or suspend a license based on criminal convictions, such as:

-Child neglect
-Drug or Alcohol abuse
-Violent charges
-General negligence
-Driving while intoxicated
-Misuse of food stamps or CalFresh

Pride Legal’s attorneys are able to fight off these accusations from the CDSS or be able to prove that a charge or conviction should not be relayed onto your Child Daycare license. The goal of the CDSS is to ensure child safety- so any charge against the licensee is taken very seriously, and typically results in license punishment. With Pride Legal by your side, your license could be saved.

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