Contractors depend on their license to be able to legally work and earn an income. Any issues arising from the California Contractor’s State Licensing Board (CSLB) could result in revocation or suspension of a contractor’s license. Pride Legal’s network of attorneys will be able to help any contractor who has a complaint filed against them or is currently under investigation. The complexity revolving around contractor defense is due to the number of laws and circumstances surrounding each issue. Without the help of an attorney, fighting against the CSLB is an uphill battle.

Contractor Defense

The California Contractor’s State Licensing Board regulates all licensed contractors. If the board receives a complaint against a contractor, they may initiate an investigation into the issue and into the license. Some common complaints include:

-Fraudulent charges
-Misconduct involving elderly clients
-Negligence complaints
-Poor workmanship
-Defective contracts or incomplete contracts
-Failure to obtain worker’s compensation insurance
-Unlicensed contracting
-Working without a permit
-Health and safety violations

If a contractor receives notice from any member of the board or from an investigator, the first step they should take is to contact an attorney immediately. Remember to never speak to any investigator or board member without your attorney present, as anything said to them would be used against you. The board is not on your side and will investigate each complaint to the fullest extent. There will be a short period of time where the contractor will be able to file a Notice of Defense against the accusation. Pride Legal’s network of attorneys is here to assist you in fighting for your license.

Pride Legal is also able to help new contractors apply for their licenses. A common issue that contractors have is being denied their license due to criminal convictions or prior license disciplines with another licensing agency. Such conduct could cause issues with the board.

How to fight against the CSLB

The most common issue that arises with the board is criminal convictions. Pride Legal’s attorneys are able to go through the law and prove to the board that the conviction has nothing to do with the license, nor should the conviction have any effect on it. Another common complaint the board receives is that no contract was made when the project amount exceeds over $500. It is illegal for any contractor to work on a project that is worth over $500 without a written contract. In addition to this, it is illegal for a contractor to work on a project when the material or labor cost exceeds $500 without a contract. Doing so could result in law enforcement action as well as license discipline. These are common issues, as the CSLB often conducts operations to find contractors that violate this law.


Q: I’ve just been contacted by the CSLB. What should I do?

A: The first thing you should do is contact an attorney. Do not speak to any investigator or board member, as anything said to them will be used against you when compiling the evidence. You will have 15 days to file a Notice of Defense against the complaint. Doing so alone is not advisable, as there are many complex laws surrounding the circumstance. Your attorney would be able to file the notice and be able to handle any investigators.

Q: The CSLB has sent me a notice for mediation. What should I do?

A: Contact an attorney immediately. Although the Board encourages early settlements to avoid long-term issues and lawyer fees, this could lead to the contractor paying substantial amounts to the board. Contact an attorney to read over the settlement and be there during the mediation process. Your lawyer would be able to help with damage control and could be able to lower the settlement amount.

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