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Benefits Of Hiring A Female Divorce Attorney

Family law is a sensitive subject when working with children or ending marriages. Females often have great understanding and know-how of how to navigate sensitive situations. This can be useful in heated situations, especially during divorce. Feminine social competence allows female attorneys to sympathetically understand their client’s given circumstances. Here are just some of the benefits of hiring a female divorce attorney.

What are the benefits of hiring a female divorce attorney?

Females now make up about 40% of all attorneys throughout the US. Women have had a large impact on family law cases, as females are typically more versed to handle sensitive topics. Family law typically includes families being broken apart, and children needing to have separate lives with each parent. More often than not, male attorneys bring in a female attorney or a coworker to deal with children in these types of cases. Female divorce attorneys don’t have this problem.

Calm Demeanor

Women have a calm and empathetic demeanor with children and newly broken up couples. Male attorneys typically don’t want to tolerate crying, or children issues when dealing with divorce. Females can be much more empathetic and can help ease some tension during the divorce process.

Better Listeners

When dealing with sensitive issues such as divorce, often times some people just want somebody to talk to. Female attorneys can be great listeners, which can lead to having your lawyer build a stronger case for you. Visit our sister site, Her Lawyer. Their services cater to females and female attorneys.

Can Put Out the Fire

Women tend to put out the fire often lit up by a spouse. Female divorce attorneys have a higher percentage of settlements outside of court- meaning your divorce wouldn’t need to go to trial or have a costly and drawn-out divorce process. Women tend to be better listeners and can

Feminine Social Competence

Women usually understand other women. The reason why many marriages end in divorce is that the two just can’t communicate well. Female divorce attorneys are versed in helping their male counterparts understanding the issues at hand.

Women Can Be More Empathetic Towards Children

Women may get along more with children. This is a large issue when speaking about divorce. Children are usually the most emotionally affected by a divorce, as they feel like their life is about to change in a big way. Females tend to be able to calm down children and ease their minds, and possibly help them understand what is going on in their life and how they can help themselves.

Are there any cons to hiring a female divorce attorney?

Female attorneys do not see gender in their clients. Male lawyers are not tougher, smarter, or more empathetic compared to female lawyers. Female attorneys are not looked down upon by judges or their peers- they are all equal. Male attorneys do not get special treatment from judges, nor are they able to ‘fight harder’ to win custody or whatever it may be.

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