Chad LGBT Laws

Age of Consent Legislation/Cases/References
1. National

Under Article 272 of the Penal Code of 1967, consensual sex between same-sex couples is believed to be lawful at age twenty-one (21) years [R1.1]. Consensual sex between opposite=sex couples is believed to be lawful at age fourteen (14) years

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Avert: Worldwide Ages of Consent (Access 28 DEC 09)
Homosexuality, Sodomy Legislation/Cases/References
1. National

On 15 December 2016, it was reported that MPs voted 111 to 1 with 4 abstentions to pass the new penal code under which homosexuality is a misdemeanor offence for which the maximum punishment is now a fine. Previously it was proposed to make gay sex a felony, punishable by 15 to 20 years in prison [R1.3].


On 23 September 2014, it was reported that government ministers voted to make same-sex relations a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison. The decision, is yet to be ratified by the country’s president [R1.2].

Consensual sex between same-sex couples had never been criminalised in Chad [R1.1].

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