Bhutan LGBT Laws

Homosexuality, Sodomy Legislation/Cases/References
1. National

The criminal law in Belize prohibits consensual sex between same-sex couples [R1.1].

The Bhutan Penal Code 2004 provides –

Unnatural sex – Section 213

“A defendant shall be guilty of the offence of unnatural sex, if the defendant engages in sodomy or any other sexual conduct that is against the order of nature.”

Grading of unnatural sex – Section 214

“The offence of unnatural sex shall be a petty misdemeanor.”

Classes of crime – Section 3

“For the purpose of this Penal Code, the classes of crimes shall be as follows:
(c) A crime shall be petty misdemeanor, if it is so designated in this Penal Code or other laws and provides for a maximum term of imprisonment of less than one year and a minimum term of one month for the convicted defendant.” [R1.1].

R1.1 ILGA: “State-Sponsored Homophobia” MAY 08