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Age of Consent Legislation/Cases/References
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Age of consent to sexual activity

The legal age of consent to sexual intercourse amounts to sixteen (16) years.

Age du consentement à l’activité sexuelle

L’âge légal du consentement à l’acte sexuel s’élève à seize (16) ans [R1.1].

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Discrimination Legislation/Cases/References
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As at September 2011, Armenia has no laws protecting people from discrimination on the grounds of sexuality [R1.2].

In December 2002, it was reported that gay people in Armenia, a deeply conservative, Orthodox Christian nation, face relentless persecution and are sometimes forced to flee the country [R1.1].

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Gender Identity, Intersex,
Transgender, Transexual
1. National

On 11 January 2019, ”Right Side” NGO reported that Diana Ghzroya, a citizen from Armenia’s Shirak region, is already able to act as a transgender person following the simplified procedure of getting legal name change in passport in compliance of her gender identity without a psychological conclusion of being transgender and evidences from three people which the Civil Acts Registration Office previously required for legal name change

R1.1 panoramaAM: First transgender passport – photoshop instead of documentation of sex reassignment surgery 11 JAN 19
Homosexuality, Sodomy Legislation/Cases/References
1. National

On 19 September 2018, it was reported that Eduard Sharmazanov, the Deputy Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly, is planning to propose a bill that would ban ”homosexual propaganda” [R1.4].

In September 2011, according to US Embassy cables leaked by Wikileaks, Armenian police continued to blackmail gay men after homosexuality was decriminalised. Members of the homosexual community told [the] US Embassy on December 24 that homosexuals continue to face intolerant attitudes and severe discrimination in rural areas and in the military [R1.3].

In January 2003, the Armenian National Assembly voted to adopt an updated criminal code on its second reading – repealing Article 116 of its criminal code which punished sex between men with up to 5 years in prison [R1.2].


In December 2002, a new criminal code, which classifies a homosexual act as illegal only if it is with a sexual minor or amounts to rape was submitted to parliament for approval [R1.1].

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Marriage Legislation/Cases/References
1. National

On 15 November 2018, the government did not approve the legislative initiative of Tsarukyan bloc Tigran Urikhanyan proposing to ban same-sex marriages. The Constitution already states the marriage is possible between a man and a woman only. The same is envisaged by Article 10 of Armenia’s Family Code [R1.2].

On 06 December 2015, voters reportedly approved the adoption of constitutional amendments that also include a re-definition of marriage. Article 34 was amended to read as follows, ‘Men and women of marriageable age have the right to marry with each other’. The addition of the words ‘with each other’ fundamentally alters the meaning of the article, restricting marriage to persons of the opposite sex. This amendment enshrines discrimination in the constitution and in addition to marriage ban, may prevent any form of legal recognition of same-sex couples. [R1.1].

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