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Thousands of people yearly are affected by medical malpractice claims. One hears stories of surgeons leaving instruments in a patient during surgery and only finding them later by x-ray. There is nothing humorous about seeing a medical clamp in someone’s chest x-ray or the pain and suffering which a patient can experience by such a mistake from a medical practitioner or institution. Some medical mistakes such as giving the patient the incorrect medication or insufficient monitoring of vital signs, can cause complications, unnecessary injury or even death.

Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, hospital or a medical facility somehow mistreats, misdiagnoses or incompetently performs some type of medical procedure. Common reasons for medical malpractice occurring are through misdiagnoses, overworked staff, incorrect medications, inadequate training or merely because of negligence.

A Los Angeles medical malpractice attorney for the gay community can guide you through the maze of legal issues which concern this type of claim. Witnesses, testimony, complete review of medical records as well as expert review are needed to fully document such a claim. Injuries can extend from minor infections to complete disability and even death. A qualified LGBT attorney can help you in ensuring that you are compensated for any additional treatment you may need due to the malpractice. You may be entitled to recompense for lost wages should your injury create a situation where you are unable to work. In addition, traumatic injuries can lead to being rewarded monetary compensation for any pain and suffering you might have been caused by the negligence of the treating doctor or facility.

Gay and Lesbian Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Los Angeles

Legal Pride is a large network of highly professional and independent attorneys handling all forms of medical malpractice cases. We offer professional legal services to the gay community in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, as well as the community at large throughout Southern California. For skilled and aggressive representation for any medical malpractice issues, Pride Legal is the place to find it.

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