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About Expungement and Pardons

In the past, a persons criminal history was improbable of being discovered by anyone but law enforcement. Although criminal records were always public information, a potential employer would not waste time sorting through millions of court records to look for criminal convictions of future employees. However, with just the touch of a button, current technology has allowed for potential employers to easily access criminal records. Solely a name and date of birth can give employers, licensing agencies, and professional organizations the ability to conduct a background check in seconds.

Wouldnt it be nice if no one had access to these records and they were completely erased?

If you are in this situation, then an expungement is just what you need. An expungement proceeding offers first time offenders of a previous criminal conviction the earlier process of their records be sealed. In other words, the States and Federal repositories will no longer have access to these convictions and they will remain private. When an expungement is allowed, the person whose record is expunged treats the event as if it never happened. Nevertheless, these records are not “completely erasedbecause if you are convicted of another crime, the expunged conviction may be used as evidence against you in court.

There is a drastic difference between an expungement and a pardon, however. Whereas an expungement completely erases an event, a pardon only grants forgiveness. In the United States, an expungement can only be granted by a judge while a pardon can only be granted by the President of the United States for federal offenses. Nonetheless, pardons are rarely offered whereas expungements are offered frequently.

Are You Looking for an Expungement or Pardon?

Whether you are requesting a pardon or an expungement, the attorneys within the Pride Legal network can help you immensely, as they have dealt with many of these cases before. We will help you clear your criminal recordor ask for forgivenessregardless of what the case may be.

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