Los Angeles LGBT Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Los Angeles LGBT Bicycle Accident Lawyers Have You Been Involved in a Bicycle Accident? Bicycle accidents can be one of the more dangerous automobile accidents primarily due to the lack of protection. A bicyclist can either be hit by a motor vehicle, can be injured by...

Assault or Consent? BDSM and the Law

By David Hakimfar One of extraordinary qualities of the gay community is its acceptance and celebration of sexual expression within the many subgroups that make up the community as a whole. This includes the leather, BDSM and other fetish groups whose activities are...

It’s Not About the Cake

Can Wedding Vendors Refuse Service to Same-Sex Couples? By David Hakimfar The walls barring gay men and women from getting married keep tumbling down across America. This is clear as state laws prohibiting same-sex marriage are held as unconstitutional. Recently,...

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